Whether you’re about to adopt or have had your dog for several years, it is important to create and maintain a regular schedule with your veterinarian. Just like a child, regular vet visits should be kept ensuring your pup is growing and developing into a healthy dog. A vet is also responsible for creating your dog’s vaccination schedule. Staying up to date on vaccinations allows your dog to remain healthy and try new experiences such as Dogtopia daycare. All dogs are required to show proof of vaccinations to participate in daycare which helps to limit infectious diseases.



Keep your dog comfortable and clean by maintaining their fur, nails and teeth. When a dog’s nails get too long or their fur gets too tangled and matted, the dog can feel physically uncomfortable. It’s understandable as us as humans want to brush our hair every day and maintain our nails at a length to maintain comfort. A dog is no different. Take a few moments on a regular basis to brush your dog’s hair and check the length of their nails. And when is the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth? The health of a dog’s teeth directly relates to their overall health. There are toys, bones and other items a dog may nibble on to keep their teeth clean or a veterinarian may suggest a teeth cleaning. All dogs want to feel their best and staying on top of their grooming will help to maintain and happy and healthy dog.


A microchip is a simple way to keep your dog safe in the event they get separated from you. Most dogs have a microchip inserted when they are young. If your dog manages to escape your sight, anyone who collects your dog and takes them to a veterinarian will learn you are their owner and are looking for them. This simple process can save your dog and bring them back to you with ease in the event of an emergency escape. Take a moment to check your dog’s registration and make sure all information is accurate and up to date.


Training your dog is a great way to show your dog you care about them. Basic commands like it, stay, down and come are all great options and give your dog a task or job to complete in that moment. These commands also make it easier to take them in public for various outings. It is also important to teach your dog their name. If your dog is walking with you to the garage and you need them to come back in, it is more likely they will follow you when stating their name. The same can be true if your dog gets out your front door by accident. If they know their name, it will be easier to bring them back to you in a quick and safe manner. Makes sure you constantly practice these basic commands with positive reinforcement.




Dogs need regular play time and exercise to keep their mobility, health and mental state in a good place. Dogs who don’t get enough playtime or exercise will likely develop bad habits and act out in ways you don’t live – barking, chewing or other destruction behavior. Take your dog for walks in the neighborhood, play games of fetch or provide brain games for your dog to engage with. Both physical and mental exercise are vital for dogs! Dog daycare is another great solution for keeping your dog moving and making friends. With a busy schedule, it’s sometimes hard to take your dog on a walk every day or muster up the energy for fetch.


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